About Me

About Me

My name is Cihat Gündüz (Cihat reads like "Jeehut"). 👋

I'm a Spatial-first Indie Developer for Platforms from 🇩🇪 Germany and I do iOS development since 2011. I like to contribute to our awesome community by creating Open Source Tools (BartyCrouch, HandySwift, ReviewKit, etc.) or helping out in existing projects (SwiftLint, SwiftGen, Moya, etc.).

Since 2022 I write the Swift Evolution Monthly newsletter where I summarize the newest developments in the Swift language for thousands of free subscribers. Since 2023 I'm the organizer of the WWDC Notes project.

I share my learnings on 🐦 Twitter (X), on 🧵 Threads, and 🦣 Mastodon.
Follow me there for development tips & contact me to discuss anything.

Since I went full-time Indie in 2022, I released 5 apps (rate them to help me!):

App IconApp Name & DescriptionSupported Platforms
TranslateKit: App Localizer
Simple drag & drop translation of String Catalog files with support for 4 machine translation services.
CrossCraft: Custom Crosswords
Create themed & personalized crosswords. Solve them yourself or share them to challenge others.
iPhone, iPad, Mac, Vision
FocusBeats: Pomodoro + Music
Deep Focus with proven Pomodoro method & select Apple Music playlists & themes. Automatically pauses music during breaks.
iPhone, iPad, Mac, Vision
Guided Guest Mode
Showcase Apple Vision Pro effortlessly to friends & family. Customizable, easy-to-use guides for everyone!
Posters: Discover Movies at Home
Auto-updating & interactive posters for your home with trailers, showtimes, and links to streaming services.