About Me

About Me

My name is Cihat Gündüz (Cihat reads like "Jeehut").
I'm an 📱Indie iOS Developer from 🇩🇪Germany.

I'm doing iOS development since 2011 and because I've learned so much from the great developer community in my first years, I'm trying to now give something back by contributing 🔨Open Source tools & frameworks and writing articles about things I've learned over the years on this website.

Since I went full-time Indie at the beginning of 2022, I also stream my Open Source work on 👾Twitch and upload my recordings later to ▶️YouTube.

Feel free to join my streams when I'm live and ask me anything about iOS or Swift development.

Follow me also on YouTube to support me, I have some more interesting content planned for the future there!

You can also find me on 🐦 Twitter or 🦣Mastodon, feel free to ping me there.