Privacy Policy

We don't store your data anywhere outside your device, period.

All data that is needed for the app to work properly is stored in local storage on your device. We do not send any data to any servers. We also do not use any third-party service for tracking app usage or sending crash reports.

Please note that there still could be other vendors involved who collect some data without our assistance. Any system features you have enabled on your devices (like app usage tracking or crash reporting) may apply. Also, the store providers you download our app from (Apple/Google) collect some data like download statistics. Additionally, if you are using any device backup solution (like iCloud/Google Backup), a copy of your app's data may also be stored on their servers, which can include personally identifiable information and other sensitive data needed for the app to work properly.

We have no influence on the collection of these data.
The privacy policies of the providers of these services apply.