HUGE CrossCraft 2.0 Update: Seven Major New Features!

This update brings key improvements like saving and syncing crosswords, expanded content with 30 new topics, and enhanced user experience with features like puzzle tips, a native Mac app, a native Vision Pro app & sharing options for competitive play.

HUGE CrossCraft 2.0 Update: Seven Major New Features!

CrossCraft 2.0 is here – a huge update to the app that can create an infinite amount of crossword puzzles for various topics and even allows adding your own questions to surprise friends & family or your audience with a personalized puzzle.

In the 6 weeks since the app’s initial release, I worked tirelessly to get the most requested features out, and I’m happy to introduce you to 7 major improvements:

#1: Save & Sync Crosswords

You can now save crosswords to solve them later! And your progress will also sync across devices through iCloud. This was the most requested feature!

#2: 5 New Categories & 30 New Topics

Before this update, 22 topics in 5 categories were supported. This update doubles the number of categories and more than doubles the number of topics! And all of them are available in all 7 languages (EN, FR, DE, IT, PT, ES, TR).

Here’s a full list of all the new topics:

  • General Knowledge:
    Anime, Bollywood, Culture & Religion
  • TV Shows (new):
    Friends, Game of Thrones, SpongeBob, The Simpsons
  • Video games (new):
    Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, Pokémon, The Sims
  • Sports:
    Karate, Taekwondo
  • Language Learning:
    Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Turkish
  • Culture & Religion (new):
    Ancient Egypt, Christianity, Greek Mythology, Islam, Judaism
  • Science (new):
    Astronomy, Biology, Computer Science, Economy, Medicine
  • Technology (new):
    Apple, Cars & Engines, Google, Microsoft

More topics are already in the works and will be added in future updates.

#3: Get (Limited) Tips

Every puzzle has those few words that you just don’t know or don’t remember. You can now uncover a limited amount of fields so you don’t get stuck at a 90% completed puzzle just because of a weird hint, which can be really annoying!

#4: Game Center Support

Earn Achievements for using various features of the app and compete with friends & others in global Leaderboards. Each category has its own leaderboard, so it’s your time to shine and show off your skills in your favorite topic!

My account is assigned to the German App Store, so my screenshots are in German.

#5: Native app for the Mac

While the iPad version of CrossCraft was available on Apple Silicon Macs from day one, I took the extra effort to prepare a native Mac app with a more fitting look & feel. This means, CrossCraft is available on Intel Macs for the first time now!

#6: Native app for the new Apple Vision Pro

Additionally, I migrated CrossCraft to visionOS for a native experience and even live-streamed the entire process. Spatial Crossword Puzzling is here! ✨

#7: Share & Play the Same Puzzle

Share your puzzle with a simple link or a printed QR code. This way you can create a puzzle & challenge a friend to solve the same puzzle – who's faster?

If you have an audience of readers, share an image of a custom-prepared puzzle to challenge them and add a QR Code that opens the puzzle right within CrossCraft for a smoother solving experience right within the app.

I created puzzles in 7 languages for you to experience the new sharing feature:

These features were requested most, I hope you like how they turned out!

Get the update now: 👇👇👇

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If there are any more features you’re missing, please drop an email.

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