Introducing "Posters" – My first Spatial-first app for Vision Pro

Breath life into your home with auto-updating & interactive posters of the latest trending movies & TV shows. Tap on a poster to unveil the trailer, find out where it's currently streaming, or locate a cinema showing near you. The future is here!

Introducing "Posters" – My first Spatial-first app for Vision Pro

As a huge film fan, I’ve been decorating my walls with film posters for a long time. But static posters can get boring over time. So when Apple launched the Vision Pro and reviewers stated that the window positions were very accurate, I immediately thought I could build an app to decorate my walls with auto-updating posters.

When I showed a prototype of this idea to my wife, she immediately asked if she can click the posters to watch a trailer. And born was the idea to make them interactive! In the just published app, besides Trailers, you can also find Showtimes, and Direct Links to Streaming services. Here's a demo video:


To make sure everything worked as expected, I visited Apples Developers labs in Munich earlier this week since I can’t buy the device myself here in Germany to test it. Unfortunately, Apple engineers confirmed that visionOS does not yet support persisting the positions of windows across app restarts. So for now, one has to keep the device connected to battery to retain the poster positions for multiple days. But it’s easy to place them, so I decided to publish the app anyways. And I made sure to report this shortcoming to Apple in all the official ways I could, including directly to the engineers in the lab. I have more ideas than just this that need that feature. I believe it is the #1 thing missing right now that we developers desperately need in visionOS 2.0.

Long story short, I just released the "Posters" app and would love you to try it:

‎Posters: Discover Movies @Home
‎Transform your living space into an ever-evolving cinematic showcase with “Posters”, the app designed to breath life into your room with dynamic and interactive posters of the latest trending movies and TV shows. “Posters” leverages the immersive capabilities of visionOS, allowing users to decorate…

Please let me know if you run into any issues. I'm really excited about publishing more apps on this new platform. Multiple apps are in the works, 2 of which might get ready for release as soon as next week. 🤞 This is due to my decision to go Spatial-first (rather than Mobile-first) with my future apps. After all, more than 70% of my last months revenue was made on Apple Vision. And that even though the device isn't even out for a full month yet! Exciting times for Indies. 🤩

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