Introducing RemafoX: Easy App Localization

Say hello to RemafoX, the app on the mission to simplify developer life by providing new workflows for localization when working with Xcode.

Introducing RemafoX: Easy App Localization
The Projects Browser greets you on first app start and shows you around.

After 90 days of Beta-testing, time for the public release on the Mac App Store!


This first release is already jam-packed with many features that'll help you:

  • Focus: Don't ever leave the context of your Swift file – keep coding
  • Be Faster: No longer manually edit Strings files when adding new keys
  • Automate: Set up DeepL or Microsoft Translator to translate your app
  • Lint: Get warnings in Xcode for empty translations or duplicate keys
  • Normalize: Strings files sorted alphabetically to help find translations
  • Synchronize: Auto-update Strings files on Storyboard/XIB file changes
  • Learn: Lots of explanations, step-by-step guides, and even videos
  • Pluralize: Auto-detection & language-aware form for easy pluralization


But that's just the beginning. Each month, a new feature will be added, like:


Still not convinced? Then check out the following 3 GIFs showcasing RemafoX:

Add a new translation to a project in many languages with just one step:

Find empty translations in Strings files and use machine translation:

Set up a project in RemafoX and customize with documented config options:

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Special Offer

Purchase a lifetime subscription today to save ~30% with the Early Bird discount running til the end of October. Monthly or yearly subscriptions support the continued development of this project and come all with a Free Trial period. So you can see for yourself how ReMafoX improves your developer workflow.

But there's also a Free tier for smaller projects including all of the above features except pluralization. I promise that I will never remove any features from the Free tier, so if this tier works for you today, it will always do! And most of the planned features will benefit the Free tier as well.

Get Started Now!

So there should really be no reason not to use RemafoX! Get it now:

‎ReMafoX: Easy App Localization
‎Supporting multiple languages in Xcode for your app feels inconvenient or bug-prone? Then this is the app you’re looking for!ReMafoX is designed to fill the gaps in Xcode and streamline the app localization process in multiple ways. ----- BASIC FEATURES -----When using ReMafoX ... ... you no…

If you come across any issues or have questions, please consult the 'Help' menu.

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