RemafoX 1.0 Beta available!

Kicking off the public beta phase of my first Indie app: Say 👋hello to RemafoX – an app for developers that helps translate your apps with Xcode.

RemafoX 1.0 Beta available!

This is the initial public beta release of RemafoX, the graphical user interface (GUI) for BartyCrouch!

For the first final version of RemafoX, my goal was to cover & improve all features of BartyCrouch to fully replace it. BartyCrouch was first released in 2016 and has had 53 releases since, so this goal alone took quite some time & effort, plus I added several extra features along the way, such as pluralization support!

Here's a GIF of what the pro localization workflow looks like using RemafoX:

ReMafoX AddTranslation Flow

Please note that RemafoX is not open source, and in fact, some of the more advanced features or using it in large projects will be paid. But my plan is to keep many features free forever – I actually plan to have mostly free users. All advanced features planned to be limited only to paid plans are transparently marked as such below. And I will never make a once free feature paid after some time, or lower any limits afterward. I want developers to be able to safely include RemafoX into their developer toolset.

List of Features in this Beta

  • Add new localizable Strings to your Strings files without ever leaving your Swift file in Xcode (Free)
  • Machine-translate your localizations to all ~40 languages supported also by iOS using Microsoft or DeepL services (Free, but services not included)
  • Safely access translations in code using generated Swift enums for auto-completion & compiler checks (Free)
  • Lint your Strings files for empty translations or duplicate keys and show in-line warnings in Xcode (Free)
  • Incrementally update your base-localized Storyboard's or XIB's related Strings files (Free)
  • Normalize your Strings by sorting keys alphabetically & harmonizing with a selected source language (Free)
  • Easily add new pluralized localizable Strings to your Stringsdict files without leaving Xcode (Paid)
  • Easily machine-translate pluralized localizable Strings with smart language-rules-aware pluralization counts (Paid)

Improvements over BartyCrouch

  • There are no dependencies on other tools that could break your workflow when you upgrade Xcode, for example
  • A new config file format that can be edited with an intuitive visual editor (no .bartycrouch.toml file needed)
  • A new "Preview matching files" button to conveniently simulate a files search & adjust paths accordingly based on results
  • An explanation for every single configurable option for more confidence in adjusting the config to your needs
  • A built-in SwiftUI-compatible enum generator with lots of customization options (no need for SwiftGen for Strings)
  • The API keys for machine translations services are no longer stored in the config file (no secrets in Git)
  • A built-in project scanner to provide smarter defaults for a quick start – including a BartyCrouch migrator (read-only)
  • Multiple built-in step-by-step guides for easier integration with Xcode
  • Adding new localizations no longer breaks Xcodes edit history thanks to a built-in Xcode Source Editor extension

Planned for the Future

  • Easy way to send translations to translators & integrate their provided translations
  • Synchronize translations between Android & iOS platforms of the same app
  • Provide a glossary of reviewed common Strings (to improve machine-translated apps)
  • UI/Unit tests integration to provide context screenshots for keys for translators
  • ... and much more!

Download the latest Beta by clicking here.
And don't forget to report feedback via the "Help" menu!