RemafoX 1.0 Beta 2 available!

The full changelog of the RemafoX Beta 2 release with a download link for the app.

RemafoX 1.0 Beta 2 available!
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See the Beta 1 release post for an introduction to RemafoX and a list of features. The following is just a list of changes since the last Beta release.


  • Warns when config file format has higher version than currently supported with hint to upgrade.
  • Added automatic search for Xcode projects and a picker to select one. This helps detect the supported languages more reliably. (Thanks to Holger!)


  • Improved formatting of Xcode integration instructions.
  • Widened click area for expandable disclosure groups (such as 'Show Explanation') from triangle to full title. (Thanks to Ulf!)
  • Changed the title of diclosure groups to state 'Hide' instead of 'Show' when they are in expanded state.
  • Made the settings window size smaller to fit the currently small amount of options.
  • The add translation window no longer quits the entire app but hides all windows instead on Cancel or Insert button press.
  • Changed recommended 'Add translation' shortcut to ⌥⌘L from ⌥L which is used for '@' in common keyboard layouts like German.
  • Changed the 'Copy' button title to 'Copy Code' to make it clear what is being copied in Build Script walkthrough. (Thanks to Nico!)
  • Hidden detailed explanation behind disclosure group in last step of Build Script walkthrough for less text. (Thanks to Nico!)


  • Removed potentially confusing different doc sample language setting, always using source language now.
  • Removed the "New" item menu bar entries & window tabbing support to prevent confusion with window management.
  • Removed the need to specify if the provided DeepL auth key is for a Free or a Pro plan. Auto-detecting based on key instead.


  • Removed SF Symbol icons that were not showing properly for the about menu entry and help menu entries.
  • Fixed an issue with Strings(dict) files not being updated on search path changes after initial setup.
  • Fixed an issue where a non-existent Strings(dict) file could be selected by default in add translation window.
  • Fixed an issue with source language chooser being empty when localized files are placed at projects root. (Thanks to Ulf!)
  • Fixed an issue where contents from Storyboard/XIB-related Strings files would be included into the generated resources enum.

👉 Click here to download the latest version.

And don't forget to provide feedback via the "Help" menu in the app!