RemafoX 1.0 Beta 3 available!

The full changelog of the RemafoX Beta 3 release with a download link for the app.

RemafoX 1.0 Beta 3 available!
Photo by Marcel Eberle / Unsplash

Click here to download the new beta.
And don't forget to provide feedback via the "Help" menu in the app!

See the Beta 1 release post for an introduction to RemafoX and a list of features. The following is just a list of changes since the last Beta release.


  • A new App Icon Switcher in the app's settings allows users to select their preferred app icon design & color.
  • A new remafox translate subcommand in the CLI tool completes the build script by adding a machine-translation step. (Thanks to Ulf)
  • Added sound effects on a few specific success or error actions, such as project setup completion or occurrence of an error.
  • A new option in the app's settings for turning off app sound effects for users who prefer no sound effects.
  • A new error message with a helpful text is shown on pressing a project in browser when the config file was moved. (Thanks to Nico!)


  • Improved relevance of web searches of users by changing the error code separator from '-' to 'x'.
  • Simplified the wording of Help menu entries to a shorter & more familiar terminology.
  • Changed the temporary app icon to the final design after 2 Twitter surveys.
  • Improved setup for developers opening a pre-configured project: The open panel should now always show the right project root path.
  • Moved 'Copy code' button into the code box for a more intuitive place to find it. (Thanks to Nico!)
  • Adjusted color of multi-step tutorial page controls to look less like a clickable button. (Thanks to Nico!)
  • Changed the app accent color from a greenish color to the app icon fox orange. (Thanks to Nico!)


  • The .remafox config file structure has received a new configFilePath field. Automatic migration is available (only in this beta release!) – just open all your config files once and save them right away to upgrade.


  • Removed extra emphasis on "Resources Enum File Path" text field in the config file to simplify the information hierarchy. (Thanks to Nico!)


  • Fixed an issue where the machine translation would be executed before normalization, leading to the possibility of temporarily untranslated keys. (Thanks to Ulf)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the machine translation results view from being shown when started from the config file. (Thanks to Ulf)
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to a crash in some language combinations within the smart mapping logic when translating pluralized Strings.
  • Fixed the build script showing an invalid relative path to the config file by calculating the relative path from the project if available. (Thanks to Ulf)
  • Fixed an issue where the build script could fail with an Error Code: RWF-X stating 'data couldn't be read because it is missing even if it wasn't. #3 (Thanks to Vasiliy)
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a translation text field from receiving user input from the user after pressing the 'Rescan' button in add translation view.
  • Fixed an issue with jumping to a following language text field via pressing 'tab' on pluralized text entry in add translation view.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the default indentation style for new projects to be '4 spaces' (it defaulted to '3 spaces' instead).
  • Fixed an issue that rendered SF Symbols in text views incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where special characters in machine-translated texts would not be correctly escaped in .strings files, leading to a build error.
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to a crash on project setup in projects with Base-localized Storyboard/XIB files.